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Packers and Movers Hub has had over 10 of years’ experience with moving. In both the private market and business, we guarantee a well-organized move. Speed, service, and quality are our top priorities. You can rely on us for a removal day with no worries, which we discuss thoroughly in advance. We eliminate surprises, take your wishes seriously and you can ask us anything regarding the move. Transport Packers and Movers Hub can transport almost anything. From white goods, glass or high-tech appliances to complete office inventories and furniture. We will move it for you! We have the latest trucks with air suspension, which are equipped with hydraulic tailgates, just as our vans and trailers. Easy and safe loading and unloading are therefore guaranteed. We also offer numerous possibilities for companies which need support with logistic issues. Rapid delivery of products to your shop is a problem? Not for us! We think along with you on all transport options. Storage We have a secured, heated and conditioned storage. We guarantee that your furniture is secure 24/7. That’s a relief! Household goods are sensitive to weather conditions and Packers and Movers Hub ensures a perfect storage temperature for your furniture. Besides, the humidity is monitored closely, so your belongings are kept for you under optimal conditions. Logistics services You know how it goes: you started with a couple of parcels and now half your (office) building is filled with parcels, boxes, and pallets. Or your storeroom is growing out of space and you’re not ready for a new building yet. At a certain moment, you must make a cost/benefit analysis based on (additional) staff, space or means of transport. Often, this is a financially drastic situation with banks mostly not being very cooperative nowadays. If you are in this situation and looking for a partner who can coach you during the entire trajectory, from receipt of the goods, through storage, supervision of or sorting cargo and related matters, do contact us. In all situations, we offer fitting solutions. In our storeroom, you will find all devices required, including, for instance, a forklift or reach truck and a loading dock. As a consequence, we can receive all kinds of transport.

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